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Reporting Abuse

Last Updated: May 20, 2015 08:09PM PDT

How do I report abuse?

Users have the ability to regulate the platform by filing abuse reports on comments, loans, and other users. User reports create a form of self-regulation on the platform. This will make sure that users have the ability to file reports if they feel violated, if they detect fraudulent behavior, and to bring attention to the BTCjam team for the betterment of the platform.

If there is a comment on a loan that you find inappropriate it can be reported. To the right of each comment there is a flag symbol which can be clicked on. There is a pop-down button that will follow with: Inappropriate/Offensive and Spam as options. If a comment falls in either category it can be clicked on and filed.

To report loans, a similar flag icon appears on each loan listing page. The options for filing a report on a loan are more detailed: Inappropriate/Offensive, Not a real loan listing, Email in listing name, Phone in listing name, and Scam. Categorizing the loan in any of these will create an abuse report to be reviewed by our team. We encourage to choose one of these options, or reach out to us if a loan appears to be fraudulent.

Finally, users themselves can be reported. From a user profile you can see that same flag to the right of their profile picture. You can click on this flag and see the types of abuse reports you can file: Inappropriate/ Offensive user, Scammer/ Criminal offender, Not a real person, Email in user name, Phone in username, Spam account. Choosing any of those options will file a specified report to us which we can further investigate.

In general, these options are a display of our transparency, and our willingness to work with users in providing the most secure platform possible. Please feel free to report suspicious behavior by using these flags, or write us an email letting us know what is going on:
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