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How do I exchange my bitcoin?

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2016 04:35PM PST

Exchanging your bitcoin (BTC) into your local currency.


Getting your Bitcoins into a local currency is easier today than ever before. The first step to getting you money in a local currency is locating an exchange where you are able to sell your Bitcoin and get local currency in return.

You can find our partner exchanges here:

Can’t find your country on that list? Try this link to find an exchange that will work for you locally.


When choosing an exchange it is important to do your research. Ideally you want an exchange or service that allows you to sell Bitcoin for your local currency where they deposit the fiat currency directly into your bank account.

Once you have found an exchange that will work for you, you want to withdraw your Bitcoin from BTCjam and get it onto the exchange platform. Need help withdrawing your Bitcoin see this link here.

Once it is on the exchange platform you want to sell your Bitcoin at the current market price. Once this transaction has been processed you should receive your local currency for your Bitcoin.

Should the information above not work where you are located, there are other options and more information for selling your Bitcoin here.


Exchanging your Bitcoin (BTC) for dollars (USD).

If you are within the United States and use Coinbase as a wallet you are able to sell your Bitcoin for USD at the market price. Coinbase has the ability to attach a US bank account where they will directly deposit USD for your Bitcoin when sold. This is a great option when you need to get dollars for your loan.


How would I go about selling my Bitcoins on Coinbase?


Great question! First thing you would want to do is withdraw your Bitcoin from your BTCjam wallet to Coinbase. If you need help withdrawing to your Coinbase account see this walkthrough here. Once you have gotten your Bitcoin to your Coinbase wallet you are then able to sell right to your bank account. If you need help selling your Bitcoin on Coinbase see their help document here
Once you process a sell order your bank account will receive USD within 2-4 business days from Coinbase.

If you do not use Coinbase or Coinbase is not supported in your area see this document here for other possible exchanges that may be able to help.
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